For whom that cares, the first question hath been previously answered.
And I have nothing but the up most respect for the White Lady… ♥
The insolence of some creatures…
((OOC: Word-at-play here. Har har har… But there’s so many silly hat questions I have to lump some of them together. ^w^;;Kudos to you if you get the quip.))
After a long absence, I return to answer your inane questions…
((OOC: I know, long time no see… been busy IRL…Now readers, unfortunately there are two questions I’m going to have to outright ban:
• Anything about his hat.• And questions about Priscilla’s tail.
Please don’t assume that by asking either of these questions you are being ‘unique’ or ‘funny’ - but If you think of an INTERESTING way to question about those things, that would be excellent! Otherwise, I’m going to ignore all future questions about the hat and the tail, since they’ve been answered already~))
((OOC: Sorry ‘bout the long absence. Been super busy IRL… Need to start emptying this godforsaken inbox… >w<;;))
((OOC: It helps if you’ve played Demon’s Souls to understand this better. XD;; Also… for all those that has asked - yes, this ask blog is run by Karniz.))